The PW85 Turbine

Pecos Wind Power is currently developing the PW85 turbine, an 85kW wind turbine that will break down the barriers to distributed wind power making wind power more accessible to schools, businesses, and towns.

Proven technology

The PW85 utilizes a proven 3 bladed, horizontal axis turbine configuration. Our components are sourced from top quality suppliers with decades of experience in the wind industry. 

Lowest cost of energy

The PW85 turbine has the lowest cost of energy in the distributed wind industry. For many customers, wind power from the PW85 is significantly lower cost than both grid and solar.

Optimized for low winds

The PW85 achieves industry leading capacity factors in low wind speeds: 46% in average winds of 6 m/s. By producing more power in less wind, the PW85 can go where other turbines can't. 

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