Why the name "Pecos"?

The company is named after Pecos Bill, a legendary cowboy from American folklore. He is known as the greatest cowboy to ever live. He could run faster, shoot straighter, ride harder than any man North, East, South, and West of the Rio Grande. As a child, Pecos was raised in the wild by coyotes and developed a close connection to the land which he maintained through out his life. He learned to always do right by Mother Nature and fellow man. When the fiercest tornado to ever touch down West of the Mississippi threatened the lives of his friends and cattle, he lassoed it, dug his heals into the dirt, and fought it for ten days as it twisted back and forth across America. Some say Pecos fought that twister so hard that the spurs on his heals carved out the Grand Canyon. Whether or not that's true is up for debate but it's known that Pecos eventually jumped on that cyclone, turned it skyward, and rode it right into the clouds. That was the last time anyone ever saw Pecos Bill. Legend has it though, that if you listen closely, you can still hear him hoopin' and hollerin' in the wind.


Pecos Wind Power aims to reflect the same values that Pecos Bill lived by:

  • Do right by people and nature

  • Be the best at what we do

  • Share our passion for what we do: Wind Power